Is Cultured Drinking Yoghurt Really Yoghurt?

The association between yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt – also known as cultured milk – isn’t immediately clear. But surprising news or not, yoghurt like Meiji Bulgaria set yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt like Meiji Paigen and Meiji Bulgaria cultured drinking yoghurt, while coming from different strains, have similar benefits for the digestive system.

It’s all dairy

Whether it is yoghurt or cultured drinking yoghurt – or cultured milk – they all share the same source: fresh, dairy milk that has undergone the fermentation process. Both yoghurt and cultured milk comprise some of the earliest forms of food preservation, as the fermentation process is unique for extending the shelf life of dairy products. 

Central to the fermentation process is the introduction of bacterial microorganisms such as lactobacillus paracasei live probiotic cultures that help enhance the dairy product and preserve its freshness. Lactobacillus paracasei contained in products such as Meiji Paigen is a probiotic commonly found in yoghurt products, that also has a wide range of applications to help maintain human well-being. Yoghurt products which contain a special strain such as LB81 in Meiji Bulgaria also aid in maintaining good gut and immune health.

Why eat one, and drink the other?

The question then is: if both yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt share the same source and fermentation process, what makes them so different in terms of texture and consistency?

Depending on the strain chosen for the fermentation process as well as the base ingredient, the product can differ in terms of smoothness and consistency. Regardless of the process, both yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt still contain essential probiotics and nutrients that is good for overall health.

What is your gut feeling?

Both yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt share a strong similarity, in that they both contain probiotics that are good for gut health. Whether you are facing digestive problems, stomach pains, or struggling with excretion, yoghurt products are often the go-to solution to help alleviate such problems. 

Live cultures contained in Meiji Bulgaria and Meiji Paigen function as ‘good’ bacterial microorganisms that help inhibit harmful bacteria in the gut and gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics essentially help restore balance to the body’s gastrointestinal flora, so that it can function normally and aid your body in maintaining normal bodily functions. It is no surprise then that yoghurt and cultured drinking yoghurt are popular products that are commonly associated with gut health and gastrointestinal balance.